Sustainable Fisheries


We see it as our obligation to preserve the world’s fish stocks for the long term future by responsible fishing practices.

Frozen Fish International plays a major role in the promotion of sustainable fishing. This began in 1996 in a joint project with the "Bundesmarktverband der Fischwirtschaft e.V." (German Fisheries Association). For the first time, suppliers guaranteed certain minimum requirements such as species protection and the use of fish from regulated fisheries.

The Marine Stewardship Council was founded jointly by Unilever and WWF. It  has been operating independently since 1998. MSC sets the standard which is regularly applied worldwide in the granting of sustainable fishery certification.

Frozen Fish International has always been a strong advocate of this standard, both in its use of fish and in its active promotion of fisheries striving for certification – a tradition which is continuing at Nomad Foods level, as can be witnessed in the recent certification process concerning Russian suppliers of Alaska Pollack.

At any given time, we can trace our fish raw material and the products made from it back to the fishing ground where it was caught. This was confirmed again in the year 2019 by a certificate issued by »TÜV Nord, Germany«. This certification is the pre-requisite for the purchase, production and distribution of fish products from MSC certified sustainable fishery.

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