An impressive history

1896 Foundation of “Nordsee Trawling Company” and later introduction of processing, wholesale, retail and restaurants
1939 Start of frozen fish production
1973-1984 Gradual withdrawal from trawling activities
1990 Splitting of "Nordsee" into restaurants, retail, wholesale and the sourcing unit "Nordsee Frozen Fish"
1995 Sale of remaining share of German trawler fleet
1997 Unilever sells "Nordsee" restaurant chain and the catering specialist "Deutsche See", "Frozen Fish International GmbH" established
2006 Acquisition of the Birds Eye iglo Group by Permira
2010 Founding of the Iglo Group under Permira, including the brands Birds Eye, Iglo and Findus (Italy)
2015 Acquisition of the Iglo Group by Nomad Holdings and renaming to Nomad Foods